Communication of Research

Communication of research is run primarily at institutional and faculty level. The Communications Office has overall responsibility to contribute to making Umeå University's research available to people in the world around us.

Research communication makes an important contribution to public debate and provides people with insight as to how their tax revenues are used. In its communication, the University focuses on emphasising the importance of research excellence, research projects, research results, and research cooperation and individual researchers and cooperating partners, while we tone down our organisation. An example of that is that visitors to our website should not need to know about our organisation in order to find information about our research.

The Communications Office is responsible for the development of infrastructure for research communication, for example the research database, the news system and the central websites which deal with research. The Office is also responsible for the development of strategies in the area and the coordination of operations. Many of the activities, examples of which are described below, are carried out at faculty level.

Umeå University works with research communication in several ways:

The web: We provide information about the University's research in an easily understandable language on websites and in our research database; we bring to light research news, popular scientific events and portray individual researchers.

The mass media: Press releases on dissertations and research results. Participation in Expertsvar, the Science Council's press service. Researchers participate in public debate.

Open lectures: The University offers open lectures for the general public, for example Vetenskapsluncher "Science lunches", which are arranged by the faculties, and in connection with Academic ceremonies.

Newspapers and magazines: The university's external newspaper Aktum Extra, the newspaper Spets, magazines from Forskningens dag.

Popular science activities and contact with schools: For example Upptäcksfärden "Voyage of discovery" for children, continued education for teachers at lower and upper secondary schools, researchers who visit school, an "active" question box and activities at Umevatoriet. Also, the university's own museum, Bildmuseet "Museum of contemporary and visual art, sometimes has activities in cooperation with the university's researchers.

Communications Officers

Press Officer

Mattias Grundström Mitz
Phone: +46 90-786 50 89
Mobile: +46 70-610 08 05
(Switchboard: +46 90-786 50 00)

Faculty of Arts

Per Melander
Phone: +46 90-786 93 79

Faculty of Medicine

Ola Nilsson
Phone: +46 90-786 69 82
Mobile: +46 70-353 26 48

Faculty of Science & Technology

Ingrid Söderbergh
Phone: +46 (0)90-786 60 24

Faculty of Social Sciences

Eva Stoianov
Phone +46 90-786 62 28

Translation and international press

Anna Lawrence
Phone +46 72-245 90 11